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Principal's Message

Paredes Family,
I am very honored to be your Principal at Paredes Middle School.
Being at Paredes for the past ten years has been a true blessing and is a place I continue to hold dear in my heart. I have gained an understanding for the expertise and competence necessary to make our school successful.
Excellence is our standard so we will continue to strive towards excellence together.
As your leader, I want to empower students and help them believe they can succeed, regardless of their circumstances and the adversity they face.
I hope to foster an environment of lifelong learners, not only of students, but faculty and staff as well.
As the Principal, I will continue to listen and learn from our students, staff, parents and community members. Through collaboration and a common understanding, I will make informed decisions that will benefit the school community as a whole. I will nurture positive and productive relationships that benefits students’ needs academically, socially, and emotionally.
We believe that ALL students can be successful. Together we can take Paredes Middle School to the next level.
Thank you,
Vicente Salazar


Our mission is to empower students and staff by creating a safe environment, implementing best practices, and focusing on high expectations.


Paredes Middle School believes that 
all students can be successful.  

Our School at A Glance

  • Student Leadership Students have the opportunity to lead in all aspects of their education.
  • Verizon Innovative Learning Each student has access to their own Chromebook to enhance the learning experience.
  • Healthy Food Access For All We are committed to providing access to healthy meals for all our students. Through CEP, all students have FREE breakfast and lunch.

Calendar of Events

Parents' Day

Time: 8 AM
Location: Cook for your parents

Labor Day

Time: 8 AM
Location: Everywhere
Transition Camp

Student Leaders running our 6th grade Transition Camp

Ballet Folklorico

Students working collaboratively in 6th grade Math

Student leadership in classrooms

We love student leadership in our classrooms!