Chromebooks and Technology Distribution

Paredes Family,


We wanted you to know that Austin ISD is working to distribute electronic devices to our students and they are aiming to complete the process this week. Please be patient with the distribution taking longer than expected. 


As we work to provide technology to each student, please remember that our teachers have created continuous learning opportunities that are designed to cover grade level standards. These learning opportunities will be delivered electronically to students through BLEND, on-line meetings and email. A  Learning-at-Home website has been created as a resource to support student learning. The Learning-at-Home website also provides the pick-up locations for paper-based learning packets. Our goal is to help students prepare, to the greatest extent possible, for the upcoming school year. We understand that many students will not be able to connect or will have difficulty completing assigned work. We ask that you use the resources when possible and to ask teachers, campus administrators, and the Middle School Office for assistance whenever needed. 


More detailed information around technology distribution is coming this week.


Thank you in advance for your understanding.



(If the hyper link for Learning At home is not working please paste this link on your browser: